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How Does Age Affect Florida Auto Insurance?

No matter how old you are, you must have insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements to drive on a public road.  At a young age of 15, Floridians are able to apply for their driving permit.  Although you must be 15, there are other requirements as well.  New drivers must take a four hour drug and alcohol course, have the stated vision and hearing test completed, and have passed the class e exam. New drivers need to learn that buying the correct Florida auto insurance policy is critical.

What’s Required

The state of Florida requires the following:

  • Not just one proof of residential address, but two
  • Proof of Social Security number (Social Security card or w-2 tax form)
  • Proof of identification
  • Parent proctoring form 
  • Parental consent form (Only if driver is under 18)

Permit Rules

With a permit, drivers must be with an adult 21 or older at all times and only drive during daylight hours in the first three months.  After three months, drivers are allowed to drive any time from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm until they are granted a full drivers license.\

Drivers License 

To receive a driver’s license, you must have not had any violations for 12 months, have driven 10 hours at night, have driven 40 hours in daylight, and have passed a drivers test.

Florida Drivers Are Just Not Good

With the high percentage of elderly drivers, uninsured drivers, and out of state drivers, driving in Florida isn’t the safest thing to do.  About 30% of drivers on Florida’s roads do not have a Florida auto insurance policy. While Florida receives 126 million visitors each year, the roads heavily show it.  These drivers tend to not know the territory they are driving in which makes them uneasy.  Out of state drivers tend to be too confident, even in bad weather.  In addition, Floridians must really love their phones.  Florida’s main cause of accidents last year was texting and driving.  In fact, Florida had an average of 1,000 car accidents a day last year.

Florida’s Insurance Reflects It’s Driving Conditions

Florida’s auto insurance is very high regardless of the age.  This is because of Florida’s annual tourism, busy roads, unpredictable weather, and the amount of high-risk and uninsured motorists.

How To Get New Drivers Insurance Lower 

  • Take Courses
  • Don’t Add a New Policy
  • Purchase an Older Safe Car
  • Be a Good Student

Although drivers ed isn’t required, taking it will significantly lower your rates.  Being educated is key!  Being at least a B+ average student should also significantly lower your rates.  If you are trying to decide whether you should add your teen to your policy or add a new one, always add them to yours. uses the motto “stick together”.  Make sure to ask your agent about all of these factors, or just let do the work.  

If your car is very cheap to repair, and you have money saved up, it would make sense to raise your deductible.  This would make you pay more before your insurance kicks in, but it will make monthly payments so much cheaper.  Although cheap payments are nice, this solution is only advised if you have a lot of money for emergencies.